About Us

        E. Bernabe Elementary School in Brgy. Dangcol is an institution built to mold the youth to become well rounded individuals who will become the future leaders  of our nations with the cooperation and participation of all the stakeholders, the school organized various programs and projects that will support in attaining this aim.  The convocation that is being held monthly serves as a preparation to enhance the pupil's knowledge and skills. They also become fully aware of the monthly celebrations and the importance of it, and are able to apply them in their daily lives. Despite the file up work of teachers, the second half of the school year was a successful and productive one.

E. Bernabe Elementary School is a Child-Friendly School

        Healthy and happy children learning from caring and motivated teachers with families and community helping all children, boys and girls become the best they can be in a safe and nurturing environment.

    Our Goal

Every child a DREAMER, Every dreamer an ACHIEVER,

           Every achiever is a MODEL CITIZEN, who continues to

                      inspire others to make a difference.